Collector Car Club of Coolidge
Collector Car Club of Coolidge

Car Clubs

A car club or automotive enthusiast community is a group of people who share a common interest in motor vehicles. Car clubs are typically organized by enthusiasts around type of vehicle (e.g. Corvette, Mustang), brand (e.g. Jeep), or similar interest (e.g. off-roading). Traditional car clubs were off-line organizations, but automotive on-line communities have flourished on the internet.

Car clubs often host gatherings (called "meets") which often also welcome interested non-members. Car clubs also may engage in other activities of various types, including races, cruising, shows, "mod" days when garage equipment and service tools are available for members to perform and assist each other with DIY work, or community service activities.


As John Hill, the President of the Club says, "we are really excited about the Collector Car Club of Coolidge and expect to be rolling out programs and events soon. Come join us!


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Collector Car Club of Coolidge
Business Office:

Artisan Village of Coolidge

351 N. Arizona Blvd.

Coolidge, AZ 85128


Meeting Site:

Artisan Village of Coolidge
351 N. Arizona Boulevard

(Arizona Blvd & Northern Avenue)
Coolidge, Arizona 85128

First Monday of the month at 6:30pm

Phone: +1 480 540-8084


The Collector Car Club of Coolidge is a division of the Coolidge Performing Arts Center Foundation, Inc a non profit, tax exempt 501c3 charitable foundation

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Spotlight Car of the Month- Trophy Winner 1949 Meteor Club Coupe
Cruisin' Arizona


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