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Saturday, March 7 th 2020


The Collector Car Club of Coolidge hopes you will come back again and again. We would also like to invite you to visit Coolidge, Arizona known to the locals as "Cool Town", the Home of the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, the "Cool Town Collector Car Meet, the first Wednesday each month 6:30 pm at Tags Cafe 156 N ARIZONA Blvd of Coolidge AZ 

If you want to know more about us, stop in or call  Skip  Laclair at 480-599-0473  or  John Hill at 480-540-8084



Startingup in the Fall, we are having a Park and Cruise Night every fridays night at 6:00pm "on the (Arizona Boulevard) to local Sonics in Coolidge.

We will be meeting at the Sonics parking lot on Az Blvd. We will park and show our cars and make runs up and down the Blvd to show off our rides. This will be the first and hopefully it will grow as more car enthusiasts learn about it. Any owner of a Hot Rod or Classic car is invited.


The Collector Car Club of Coolidge is welcoming  new members. 

The Sixth "C"

Copper, cattle, cotton, citrus and climate. These “Five C’s” were the core of Arizona’s economy when it first became a state. Though not as important today, they assist in bringing residents and tourists alike to Arizona. Now we have added the sixth "C"- Collector Car Clubs. Arizona is known for the number and quality of car clubs throughout the state. Many give an added boost to the economy and bring excitement to their communities.

Enter the Collector Car Club of Coolidge.....



A Growing City

"Coolidge, in Pinal County, recorded balanced growth across the board, with double-digit gains in its working-age population and employment from 2009 to 2012. The city, which is at the crossroads of highways 87 and 287, is focusing on improving shopping options at home. While Coolidge remains the commercial center of the cotton industry in Arizona, the city is branching out to light manufacturing and tourism —over 100,000 people each year visit the city’s Casa Grande Ruins National Monument." - NerdWallet

Events & Shows

Cool Town Meet

Car Shows/Meets are an all City event. Watch for our next date.


It's time to be thinking about joining the coolest Collector Car Club.

Contact Us Today!

Collector Car Club of Coolidge
Business Office:

200 w sundance DR 

Coolidge, AZ 85128


Meeting Site:

Tags Cafe of Coolidge
156 N . Arizona Boulevard

Coolidge, Arizona 85128

First Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm

Phone:  480 599 0473


The Collector Car Club of Coolidge   charitable contributions include, donations to the local chapter 36 of the DAV, Coolidge  High School JROTC, and youth sports

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Cruisin' Arizona


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